The Genealogy of

Dan T. Davis


Eventually, I might put up some of my genealogy here. But, for now, I'm just going to put up this little bit below, and simply say that I am working on my genealogy.

Names I'm following backward are:

Father's father - DAVIS

Father's mother - COOK

Mother's father - MIZE

Mother's mother - PALMER

Davis comes from Florida, then before that Mitchell County, Georgia. (DAVIS/WIDEMAN)

Cook comes from the Geneva, Alabama area. (COOK/WHITEHEAD)

Mize is from Calhoun County, Mississippi. (MIZE/SAXTON)

Palmer is from Marion County, Alabama. (PALMER/SWINDLE)

The Palmer names I've traced back a ways since there seem to be a lot of folks tracking Marion County for some reason.

I'll try to update this in less than two years, promise....

SEE! I just did it. (Last update February 28, 1998, today’s update January 6, 2000…)

But don’t get mad that these two lines were the only changes….

And here it is, July 2003, and nothing more. Obviously, I’m not pursuing this hard right now.

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Updated: July 5, 2003