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Dan T. Davis & Janet L. Lazo-Davis


 Ok. A glutton for information, I see.

Jan and I don't have any children. We've been pregnant three times, but have no living children. It's tough, given that Jan is now 53 and I am 51. As a coping mechanism, and hopefully to help others, we wrote a book that explores the emotions of infertility and how it impacts couples. You can check out to see all about it!

If you want to talk to us about it, do so --- Contact us!  Seriously, PLEASE drop us a line! Both of us would like to hear from you. Jan or Dan. 

Ok, no kids! You've figured that one out. We do have two doggies. (Our cats, Sandy and Puffin, are no longer with us.).

Click on their pictures below for bigger views of them.

Akiko is our friendly sheltie - she'll love you to death, but she's also very disciplined....

Akiko…           .........

Crystal is our “tomboy” sheltie; she’s beautiful and big – and makes Akiko work to stay the boss!


Still want more? Well, we love to travel, and I'm a comic book and anime fan.

I have two brothers, Bryan Davis and Jeff Davis.

I'm also interested in tracking my genealogy.

We still have a lot of friends in Cincinnati - Ed & Joanne Peak, Peg Fay & Sam Feder, Cathy Barcheck, and so many others. If you are the folks looking at this, GREETINGS!

I'll take suggestions on what you'd like to see on this page. If you're a total stranger, I'd still be interested in what you'd like to see on my home page, because I'd be curious why you are interested at all.... (not that I mind...)

Take care.

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Updated: November 24, 2008